Billing of member municipalities’ contributions, i.e. fees for specialist medical care, totaled EUR 1.8 billion.

HUS charges service fees from member municipalities according to their actual use of services. In 2019, we billed member municipalities for fees one month in advance. As agreed, we sent out adjustment invoices according to actual use of services on a quarterly basis. We also adjusted the billing of member municipalities according to information on patients’ domiciles received from the Population Information Centre, allowing the correct municipalities to be billed. We also performed an adjustment for sharing the cost of expensive treatments. A procedure for sharing the costs of expensive treatments is used to distribute these costs among the member municipalities. Expensive treatment patients are defined as patients resident in any member municipality whose treatment costs exceeded EUR 60,000 in 2019. There were 2,064 such patients.

In 2019, HUS provided almost 4% more specialist medical care services for member municipalities than budgeted. The volume of services grew by over 3% on the previous year.

Billing of member municipalities’ contributions, including outsourced services, exceeded the budget by more than EUR 100 million, or 6%. However, there were considerable differences between municipalities. The total billing of member municipalities’ contributions was EUR 1.8 billion.

Outsourced services accounted for 0.6% of the budget excess. No refundable surplus for member municipalities or the Specific Catchment Area was declared for 2019.

Table: Medical service production (member municipalities’ contributions)

Medical service production (member municipalities’ contributions) FS 2018 Budget 2019 FS 2019 Deviation %, FS 2019 / Budget 2019 Change % FS 2019 / FS 2018
Service production
– Change in volume weighted according to billing share 3.9% 3.2%
– Psychiatry treatment days 1) 156,353 154,256 −1.3%
– NordDRG products 703,912 694,727 725,763 4.5% 3.1%
    DRG groups 138,294 142,789 153,087 7.2% 10.7%
    DRG-O Groups 154,237 155,385 161,429 3.9% 4.7%
    Endoscopy 30,979 30,158 31,685 5.1% 2.3 %
    Minor procedures 105,587 98,121 104,074 6.1% −1.4%
    900 group 273,724 268,130 274,581 2.4% 0.3%
    Cost-based period 1,091 145 907 527.2% −16.9%
– Outpatient products, somatic care 1,351,790 1,406,946 4.1%
– Outpatient products, psychiatric care 520,912 526,672 1.1%

* FS 2015 surplus refund included in 2015 figures; 2016 excludes the FS 2015 surplus refund.
** Net billing from member municipalities after deducting the profit on the sale of the Töölö Hospital property.

Cost per capita EUR 1,057

HUS member municipalities’ specialist medical care costs per resident on average were EUR 1,057 in 2019, an increase of nearly 7% on the previous year. Excluding the functions transferred from the City of Helsinki, HUS member municipalities’ specialist medical care costs per resident on average were EUR 1,018 in 2019.

Billing of other payers

Total billing for medical services for payers other than the member municipalities was EUR 199 million. This exceeded the budget by just over EUR 7.2 million, or 3.7%. Specific Catchment Area billing exceeded the budget by about EUR 10 million, or 15%. Billing of other hospital districts was EUR 2.7 million less than budgeted.