HUS investments in 2019 totaled EUR 209 million.

We spent EUR 138 million on construction investments. In 2019, there were 38 major constructions projects being planned or under way. Most of the construction investments concerned the Meilahti, Jorvi and Hyvinkää hospital areas.

The largest project by far is the Bridge Hospital being built at Meilahti; its costs amounted to EUR 63 million in 2019. The renovations of the Women’s Hospital and the Park Hospital are also still going on at Meilahti.

At Jorvi, the short care surgery unit was completed and construction of new premises for the hospital pharmacy continued.

At Hyvinkää, a new surgical ward was completed in late summer, with 10 new operating rooms, a new recovery room and multipurpose rooms.

Planning continued for the Oak Hospital, to be built adjacent to the Meilahti hospital campus, and this project was incorporated into the HUS investment program. The Oak Hospital is to be completed in 2023 and will house ophthalmology functions with the option of also accommodating other specialties. We also invested in new examination and treatment equipment, including several new radiotherapy assemblies.

Equipment procurement proceeded according to plans. We spent EUR 22 million on equipment procurement at Helsinki University Hospital and EUR 16 million on investments at HUS Diagnostic Center. Total investments for all hospital areas and the HUS Diagnostic Center came to EUR 43 million.

In IT Management, the major investments were development of the data pool and storage, rebuilding the IT network and providing the IT systems for the new surgical ward at Hyvinkää Hospital. We also improved systems supporting management reporting. IT Management investments totaled EUR 24 million.  HUS IT and expert resources were also leveraged in the Apotti project, which is not a HUS investment but is managed through a separate company, Apotti Oy.