HUS year 2019

The year 2019 was above all a year of strategy and structural renewal.

At the beginning of the year we gained a new CEO, Juha Tuominen, who began to lead the design of a new Strategy for HUS. By the end of the year, we had new values – Caring, Equality, Pioneership – and five strategic goals.

In the new Strategy, our vision is to be a pioneer in health care. Our promise is to give better care, for every patient, every day.

In the course of the year, we also reformed structures within HUS, particularly in procurement, HR, finances and communications. We gained a new HUS Diagnostic Center as HUS Imaging and HUSLAB merged.

The process continues with a reform of functions in 2020. Our service production grew more than anticipated, and the number of referrals and emergency clinic visits was greater than in the previous year. Because of increasing costs, our productivity declined. The cost increase was due among other things to the Apotti patient and client information system, added personnel and wage increases, rising medical costs and pharmaceutical costs, major facilities projects and transfers of functions.

The online report you are reading now is also one of the new features we have introduced. For environmental and cost reasons, we are no longer publishing our Annual Report on paper. Everything about our operations in 2019 is available online. In addition to the Annual Report, this website hosts the Financial Statements and Report of the Executive Board, the Personnel Report, the Environmental Report, the Annual Report of Nursing, the HUS Logistcs Corporate Responsibility Report and the Biobank Annual Report.

Come and see what we did at HUS in 2019!