At the beginning of 2019, the Executive Board worked with the CEO to outline the CEO’s focus areas in which the Executive Board monitored through the year. These focus areas were:

Increasing administrative efficiency and initiating a project to clarify the management system

  • Assessment and clarification of overlaps in HR management. Achieving uniform procedures throughout HUS and improving employee satisfaction.
  • Reassessment and clarification of finances and related planning processes.
  • Assessment and dismantling of overlaps in procurement functions.
  • Wholesale reorganization of communications, including marketing, publicity and branding.

Promoting equality and improving the efficiency of nursing structures

  • Determining the profiles of hospital areas in accordance with the Executive Board’s decision.
  • Assessment of the centers of competence with a view to patient waiting times and financial productivity.
  • Reorganization of laboratory and imaging services with a view to improving the competitiveness and service capacity of the complex across the Specific Catchment Area and further afield too.

Clearer integration of IT management and development

  • Assessment of the big picture of development, IT management and project management, and reorganization if necessary.

Raising the profile of HUS in collaboration with the University

    • More comprehensive participation of HUS personnel in teaching.
    • Updating the collaboration between HUS and the University.
    • Assessment of research potential and proposals for action.
    • Strategic boost for HUS – together with the University of Helsinki – to become Finland’s no. 1 in resourcing and societal influence.