We have initiated an extensive operational reform of patient and customer information management at HUS. For this purpose, we will be adopting the Apotti patient information system at all HUS units by the end of 2020.

With Apotti, we will acquire a more uniform way of recording and using information, which is essential for the further development of medical care, management and operations in general at HUS. Adopting the new patient information management model is the most extensive change and development project ever undertaken at HUS.

After years of planning and preparation, Apotti was first deployed at HUS at Peijas Hospital in November 2018. Patients have been given access to Maisa, an e-service for customers.

In 2019, we collected experiences from Peijas and prepared for the introduction of the system elsewhere. The personnel at Peijas have been pioneers in the use of Apotti and have provided invaluable information, feedback and development points for future deployments. These will take place in three phases during 2020, after which Apotti will be in use throughout HUS.

The other participants in the Apotti project in addition to HUS are Helsinki, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Kauniainen, Tuusula and Kerava. Apotti is rooted in the Epic-based system used at nearly 500 hospitals worldwide and is delivered to us by Oy Apotti Ab.