In 2019, we treated 680,600 patients.

In 2019, HUS specialist medical care and joint emergency clinics treated a total of 680,621 patients. This figure was 10.8% higher than in the previous year.

There were 587,444 patients in specialist medical care, an increase of 5.2% on 2018.

Medical service production FS 2018 FS 2019 Change % FS 2019 / FS 2018
– Individual patients in specialist medical care 558,296 587,444 5.2%
– Individual health center patients at emergency clinics 112,076 191,214 70.6%
– Specialty treatment period duration (average)
Somatic care, days 4.0 4.0 −0.9%
Psychiatric care, days 20.7 19.9 −4.2%

More than half a million residents of HUS member municipalities – about one in three – used specialist medical care services in 2019. This figure was 5% higher than in the previous year.

A considerable portion of the growth was due to the transfer to HUS of the emergency departments at Malmi and Haartman Hospitals. Without that transfer, the number of patients would have remained more or less the same as in the previous year. Use of services in relation to population varies significantly between municipalities.