Employer profile attractiveness emerged as an important issue at HUS in 2019. It is increasingly important in recruitment and resourcing. The number of vacancies increased again, while the number of applicants decreased.

One of the key targets for 2019 was the reputation of HUS as an employer. The indicator for this was how many HUS employees would recommend HUS as an employer; the percentage of employees willing to recommend HUS was 70%, a decrease of 5 percentage points on the previous year (the goal being 85%).

Long-term improvement of the employer profile of HUS and standing out from rivals is a long-term challenge. Alongside the HUS brand renewal, the recruitment image was also reformed. The purpose with this was to highlight HUS employees and to spread the message about interesting job and career opportunities at a university hospital. In 2019, 11 career stories were published, featuring HUS employees explaining in their own words what it is like to work at HUS and how HUS enables people to do meaningful work.

Development of communal and operations-oriented shift planning was continued in 2019. The purpose of the development measures was to improve the quality and cost efficiency of shift planning and to enable flexible mobility of personnel while keeping patients’ needs in mind.

Finland’s most ideal employers: Health care sector, 3rd place

In the student survey conducted by Universum in 2019, HUS was among the top three most attractive employers in the health care sector.