Improving and measuring management.

Manager training has focused on customer experiences, product and service development and interactive management. Managers are supported through training, and they are also required to attend these training sessions. Some 1,000 managers attend centralized in-house staff training.

In 2019, the manager training package was updated with the addition of operations-oriented shift planning training, and the sessions themed ‘Challenging situations in management’ were continued because of the good feedback they had received. Also, focus areas in improving management were explored as part of the ‘Developer’s toolkit’ training package, which features themes of change management, project management and service design.

The Lean unit provided Lean training for management and workshops for Lean coaches. The seventh training program for the Specialist Vocational Qualification in Management (JET) and the fourth manager training program for the Further Qualification in First-Line Management were started during the year under review. In all, some 250 managers at HUS have attended these centralized training programs.

The manager mentoring program, which also received food feedback, continued in 2019. Peer mentoring was used in support of the integration of emergency clinic services.

The overall success of leadership and management at HUS is gauged as part of the annual workplace barometer survey. The goal at the HUS level is for the supervisor index to attain an average score of 3.9 on a scale of 1 to 5. In 2019, the figure was 3.67, slightly better than in the previous year. Fairness, planning and encouragement and support provided were the strengths of manager work according to the workplace barometer. Giving feedback is the area needing the most improvement. In addition to the workplace barometer, 360 evaluations of managers are conducted in connection with extensive management training programs (e.g. JET training) and as part of internal competence development within units. In 2019, a 360 evaluation was performed on the HUS Executive Group.

“I had the opportunity to attend JET training. The training package was excellent. It has given me a structured framework for understanding the things that go into a manager’s role and how to adopt a goal-oriented approach to first-line management. The training has allowed me to examine my role as a manager and my actions in the unit from a distance, as it were.”

Paula Kauppi, Chief Physician at the HUS Skin and Allergy Hospital