Occupational health care services and their improvement were addressed throughout the year, as HUS participated in preparing for the launch of Taimi, a national occupational health care company headed by KEVA. The project came to a dead end in December 2019, and occupational health care development was continued as a separate function. Occupational health care service improvement is planned for the near future. During 2019, occupational health care designed an online booking system and online health examinations in collaboration with information management and the software supplier. E-services were launched in October 2019, and customer feedback has been positive. The services are flexibly available to HUS employees irrespective of time and place. Remote appointments have also been piloted and are being further developed based on user experiences.

Graphic of injection needle

In the 2018–2019 season, more than 22,600 HUS employees – nearly everyone who was at work – had a flu shot. HUS has a flu shot coverage of 95%.