The functions of HR management were clarified with a view to establishing uniform operating procedures across the board at HUS while also improving work satisfaction. In 2019, a development orientation, target state and service package were defined for HR functions and services at HUS. The principal competences and roles required of HR professionals were also defined. As a result of this preparation, HUS adopted a centrally managed organization model for HR functions as of January 1, 2020. From that date, HR professionals – including HR managers and occupational safety managers – have been subordinate to the Chief Human Resources Officer of the Joint Authority HUS since the beginning of 2020, but they are deployed in the departments and units to support directors and managers in HR management. The purpose of the new operating model and reorganization is to establish uniform HR processes and procedures throughout the organization, ensuring equal treatment of staff and improving work satisfaction.

An economic partnership model and a reorganization of communication functions were also prepared during 2019. Financial management was brought under the control of the CFO of the Joint Authority HUS as of January 1, 2020. This was motivated by heterogeneous levels in services, resources and competence. There were also overlapping duties. The previous model was not conducive to optimization across the board or to achieving a uniform operating culture at HUS. The communications reorganization was launched with a benchmark survey in autumn 2019 and the outlining of a target state. The purpose of the reorganization was to ensure expertise, competence and management in communications along with guaranteeing services for internal customers.