The annual workplace barometer survey polls HUS employees for their views on operations, management, interaction and wellbeing at work in the organization. The results for 2019 show that the working capacity and professional self-esteem of HUS employees are good.

The results for 2019 showed no substantial change on 2018, and the overall scores at the HUS level were rather good. All responses are on a scale from 1 to 5. HUS employees see their work as meaningful (4.02) and challenging (4.02). Good average scores were also found for working capacity (4.03), professional self-esteem (3.93) and pride in one’s own work (4.01).

The most prominent areas requiring improvement were interaction (3.51), management and leadership (3.67), work overload (3.28) and the manifestation of values in everyday work.

“What is gratifying is that we have 98 units in which every respondent would recommend HUS as an employer.”

Outi Sonkeri, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Joint Authority HUS