HUS pursues systematic competence development. Its aim is to maintain and improve employee competence in strategically important areas of operations.

Having the right competence ensures that the organization is capable and can maintain continuous operations even in a rapidly changing operating environment. For individuals, competence translates into wellbeing at work and motivation.

Systematic development is ensured with an annual competence development plan at HUS. In 2019, the following were focus areas in competence development at the HUS level:

  • Quality competence, ensuring quality and patient safety
  • Identifying customer experiences and leveraging customer feedback
  • Lean development, improvement of day-to-day leadership and first-line management
  • Management by knowledge and heightened cost awareness
  • Competence in resourcing, working hours planning and shift planning
  • Change management
  • HR management and wellbeing at work management with a coaching approach
  • Apotti patient information system competence and changes caused by the system to operating processes

Competence development under the themes was facilitated for instance with personnel training; service design and Lean development projects; accreditation development; supervisor training; and mentoring.

The 2019 workplace barometer showed that personnel felt they have enough knowledge and skills to perform their job duties, but there was a slight decline in perceived potential for professional improvement compared to the previous year. The introduction of the Apotti system represented the greatest investment in training in 2019 and had an impact on opportunities to participate in other training in units having adopted the system.