HUS Asvia invests in competence development and diverse career paths in many ways. Retraining is a good example.

The former HUS Support Services and Careeria entered cooperation in March 2019, offering medical transcriptionists the opportunity to be retrained as ward secretaries. The requirements were motivation, a desire for advancement and a commitment to the new job.

Senior Planning Officer Eija Pelamo from HUS Asvia reports that the employees’ previous work experience and competence were considered in preparations for the retraining.

“The retraining was customized to be compliant with the ward secretary services provided by HUS Asvia. This resulted in an excellent course package that produced professionals ready to enter into a new job environment,” says Pelamo.

Those who have completed the training have already been appointed to new duties as ward secretaries. Their wishes regarding new appointments were considered during the training, and a suitable position was found for everyone.

Ward secretary retraining continues with a new group of trainees in 2020. Service worker retraining is one of the courses being planned. ‘Service worker’ is a new multi-discipline job title that subsumes the duties of a hospital cleaner, a hospital porter and a catering worker.