The new HUS Strategy and its values were adopted by the Council in December 2019. One of the strategic goals is: “We are the best community for learning, research and meaningful work.”

The new HUS values are: Caring, Equality, and Pioneership. These will be publicized and discussed a lot in 2020. Building a values-based culture is a long-term effort, but it is hoped that the project will already be bearing fruit in the coming year.

Good care comes from personnel wellbeing. We need every HUS employee in order to provide patients with the best possible treatment. HUS is also a good place to grow as a health care professional. Having top researchers is a must for HUS to be a pioneer by international standards.

It is a strategic goal for 2020 that the percentage of employees willing to recommend HUS as an employer will grow by 5 percentage points on the previous year. Attainment of this goal is monitored annually with the workplace barometer.

Employee commitment is monitored through exit turnover reports:

Goal Tolerable Requires improvement
Total exit turnover of permanent personnel 5.5%–6.5% 4.5%–7.5% <4.5% or >7.5%
Exit turnover of permanent personnel, excluding retirements auxiliary metric, no target