HUS is Finland’s largest cluster of medical research and teaching. Finnish and foreign studies conducted at HUS are of a high quality and are impactful at the individual level and at the level of society. We have more than 500 specializing physicians in all 50 specialties. Every year, about 600 medical students complete an internship at a HUS hospital.

The Faculty of Medicine published 147 doctoral dissertations in 2019. These were in the following fields:

  • medicine 101
  • dentistry 4
  • philosophy 30
  • psychology 12

The annual number of publications in 2018 and 2017 was about 3,300.  The total number of publications in 2019 is not yet known.

The number of research permits increased in 2019 to a total of 932, compared with 815 in 2018.

  • 728 research permits, of which 26 for research in health sciences and 44 for doctoral research in nursing and health sciences
  • 204 permits for a student thesis