In 2019, the Helsinki Biobank acquired more than 22,000 new B-Bio-0 samples, on average about 100 samples every weekday.

As of the beginning of 2016, we have acquired more than 81,000 samples. Our archive of tissue samples preserved in paraffin contains samples from nearly 700,000 individuals.

In 2019, we collected more than 1,500 fresh tissue samples in collaboration with the HUSLAB pathology laboratories. In all, we have accumulated more than 4,400 fresh tissue samples over the past four years. We continued to collect fluid biopsy samples (circulating free DNA samples) from cancer patients in connection with harvesting fresh samples. During the year under review, we launched several targeted sample collecting projects with research groups.

In 2019, we established biobank operations as a regular part of the daily life of a hospital. We held 130 training sessions for personnel in HUS and in the Specific Catchment Area. We held 53 biobank events and briefings.

The Päijät-Häme Joint Municipal Authority of Wellbeing joined the biobank operations in February 2019.

In October, we participated in the Kaizen week held at HUS together with the Comprehensive Cancer Center in order to enhance the sample collecting process.

We expanded our cooperation with patient organizations and initiated cooperation with experts by experience in HUS.