A project for broad-based development of specialization training was begun at HUS in 2019. To begin with, three surveys were circulated to probe the everyday work of specializing professionals and their job descriptions in the various specialties. One of the three surveys was for persons in charge of specialization training. The responses were used to draft a 15 point plan for the further development of specialization training.

One of the actions proposed is a specialization training guideline defining, among other things, the rights and responsibilities of specializing professionals and uniform practices with regard to employment relationships and training. To consolidate the status of specializing professionals, a consultation round was undertaken in every HUS division, focusing on the current state of the training of specialists in each specialty and its development needs. The contact persons selected to represent each specialty – the senior specializing professionals – were invited to influence the selection of development points in their respective fields.

Networking among the senior specializing professionals was introduced at the same time. The purpose of the network of senior specializing professionals is to improve the safeguarding of specializing physicians’ rights, working conditions and communication between them and hospital management. The network has set itself the task of drafting a uniform job description for senior specializing professionals at HUS.

Quality assessment of the guidance provided in specialization training was begun in 2019 using the Clinical Learning Environment Scale (CLES® Saarikoski 2007). In 2019, 158 specializing physicians and specializing dentists responded to the HUS student feedback survey. The average quality indicator for guidance of specializing physicians at HUS overall was 6.81 in 2019. The survey findings will be used to improve guidance in the training of specializing physicians and reported to management. The survey was tweaked in 2019 to improve the potential for location-specific feedback.

Towards the end of 2019, setting up of a Teams group for specializing physicians and dentists at HUS was begun. The purpose of the Teams group is to be an agile tool for sharing information and facilitating cooperation among specializing professionals at the various HUS hospitals. The Teams group was deployed early in 2020.

The first HUS multidiscipline teaching newsletter was published in October 2019. The newsletter is published three times a year. Its purpose is to distribute current and essential information on teaching, such as job training, learning on the job, student counselling and specialization at HUS hospitals.

Systematic structuring of the HUS teaching website was begun late in 2019. The purpose of this website is to share as much information as possible with learners at HUS – from schoolchildren on job experience to specializing physicians.