Reporting description

The HUS Logistics sustainability report for 2019 is the organization’s second corporate social responsibility report drawn up according to GRI ? standards. It is a core level report. The Report is published annually in connection with the HUS Annual Report. The Report is described in stakeholder communications, for instance in personnel and customer newsletters.


The Sustainability Report contains the key indicators for the corporate responsibility of HUS Logistics (environmental impacts, societal impacts and financial impacts) for the period January 1 to December 31, 2019. The indicators reflect HUS Logistics operations at the Logistics Centre in Vantaa, in transports originating from there and in procurements put to tender by HUS Logistics. Corresponding indicators for HUS as a whole can be found for instance in the annual HUS Environmental Report.

For corporate environmental responsibility, our report covers impacts related to procurement (environmental criteria in procurements) and the operations of the Logistics Centre in Vantaa – energy consumption, emissions and waste generated. The source data for energy consumption and waste generation come from the property services (HUS Real Estate Ltd) and HUS Environment Center.

For corporate social responsibility, we report all key personnel indicators and human rights impacts of our procurements (criteria for corporate social responsibility in procurement). The personnel figures are restricted to HUS Logistics’ own operations and personnel.


Our Sustainability Report has not been confirmed by an independent third party.